Weg CFW500 1.5KW 230V Variable Speed Drive

Weg CFW500 1.5KW 230V Variable Speed Drive
Brand: Weg
Size: A
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The WEG CFW series is intended for speed control of three-phase induction motors.CFW-08Easy to install and operate. Equipped with optimised software that can be easily set through a keypad, which enables the drive to process and control industrial machines. In addition, the CFW08 Plus series was designed with dead time compensation techniques, which avoids motor instability and provides torque increase at low speeds.Standard Features:IP20 and IP66 enclosure with V/Hz and sensorless vector control.Single and three-phase input power supply 200 - 240V, input voltage.150% current overload capacity (during 60s every 10min).2.5/5/10/15kHz adjustable IGBT’s switching frequency.Protective Features: overcurrent, motor overload, drive over temperature, output phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground short circuit, DC bus over and undervoltage and external fault.Control Features: linear and ‘S’ acceleration and deceleration ramps, local/remote control, DC braking, torque boost, motor slip compensation, electronic pot, preset speeds, adjustable V/Hz profile, maximum and minimum adjustable frequency limits, two skip frequencies, adjustableoutput current limit, JOG, ride-thru and flying start, process regulator - PID.Applications: pumps, fans, blowers, mixers, conveyors, winding/unwinding.CFW08 400V 3AC Variable Speed Drives IP66