TP-LINK 300M Wi-Fi Extender Booster & 600MBPS Powerline Kit

TP-LINK 300M Wi-Fi Extender Booster & 600MBPS Powerline Kit
Categories: Electronics, Tablets
Brand: TP-LINK
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Imagine this, your router is on the first floor, while your Smart TV is upstairs in one bedroom while the Game Console is in the other bedroom and you prefer a wired connection so it needs it to be stable and achieve great speed to obtain your 4K streaming or effective online game play. Using your exiting electrical circuit, the powerline adapters transport your Internet with speeds of up to a massive 600Mbps from your Router to the other adapter destinations without losing any connectivity speed or performance. Additionally the larger unit in this kit provides Wi-Fi as well as providing up to 300Mbps of Wi-Fi speeds to help you connect your wireless devices in those rooms also! Just plug the smaller unit by your Router and connect, whilst placing your other adapters in the locations you need to get the internet to and you’re ready to go. Best used with smart phones, tablets, pcs, game consoles and smart tvs. Compatible with homeplug av2, homeplug av. Wireless standards b/g/n. Transfer speed up to 600Mbps. 64/128-bit wep / wpa / wpa2, wpa-psk / wpa2-psk wireless security. Weight 0.54kg. Size L18.3, W13.6, D8.5cm. Manufacturer’s 3 year guarantee. EAN: 6935364097547.