PCE Instruments Gloss Meter PCE-SGM 60

PCE Instruments Gloss Meter PCE-SGM 60
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Brand: PCE Instruments
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The PCE-SGM 60 gloss meter with small measuring area is used on many types of surfaces to quantify their gloss units. This gloss-measuring device operates on the reflection principle by sending light from a calibrated light source onto the surface to be tested and then calculates the gloss level of the surface according to the reflection of light particles. This gloss meter allows you to measure very high gloss surfaces above 70 gloss units (GU). - Measurement geometry: 60 degree angle - Measurement up to 1000 gloss units - Internal reading memory up to 5000 readings - 3.5" TFT display - Light source: D65 - Wave length: 400-700 nm