Baileigh RDB-480 Pipe Bender

Baileigh RDB-480 Pipe Bender
Categories: Components, Memory
Brand: Baileigh
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This programmable pipe bender shapes material at blistering speeds with professional accuracy. Made in the USA, the RDB-480 will revolutionize the efficiency of your fabrication shop.nnRuns on 415 volt three-phase power.nTackles heavy-duty materials, bending up to 127mm tubing and 4 schedule 80 pipe.nRotary draw bender smoothly executes 180 bends in just 25 seconds and can complete up to 360 bends.nStores up to 170 programs of 10 bends each in its internal memory and accepts limitless external memory.nEasy-to-use touchscreen or handy foot pedal can both operate the bender, when not in manual mode.n2-piece die mount loosens to release bent tubing without a hassle.nCovered by a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support.nnWhy choose Baileighs RDB-480 Tube Bender over competing machines?nnCuts down on time and effort for repeat projects by storing complex bend specifications as programs.nReduces delays with extremely fast automatic bending.nYou can rely on after-sale support and project advice from Baileighs experienced teamjust a phone call awayfor as long as youre using the RDB-480.nAccommodates a wide range of tooling, available from Baileigh, to suit almost any application.