Read This First Before You Buy A USB Flash drive

  • 14 Apr, 2022

USB Flash Drive

The USB flash drive has come a long way since its emergence at the turn of the Millenium. Today there are an infinite number of buying options in different shapes, of various storage capacities, memory chips, and prices. Unless you are quite the expert on storage devices, you will need some guidance on what to buy

Here we will explain the incredible things that your USB flash drive can do. We will also put you through five basic features every good flash drive should have. Finally, we will distinguish between flash drives and memory sticks.

What Can Your Flash Drive Do

Once upon a time, flash drives had a storage capacity of 128MB, barely enough to store a music album these days. Storage capacities have grown since then, and a 2TB flash drive does not raise any alarms whatsoever. Beyond storage, your flash drive can do a lot more.

With the PREDATOR tool, you can use a USB flash drive to lock or unlock your PC. Flash drives also make it possible to run portable apps on any device, and they are also helpful in installing operating systems or creating a password reset disk.

Basic Requirements For Any Usb Flash Drive

Whenever you buy a USB flash drive there are certain factors you must consider. Here is a list of the basic buying requirements

  • Storage capacity: For documents only 512MB will do. Video storage requires more space.
  • Chip format: Choose a USB 3.0 flash drive for increased speed and reliability.
  • Memory quality: Buy chips produced by reputable manufacturers like Samsung, Micron, Sandisk, or Intel.
  • Connector: Check the connector – USB-C, old USB ports, and USB A – fits your device.
  • Warranty: Ensure that there is security in the event the device falls short of requirements.

Flash Drive V. Memory Stick

Many people fall for the misconception that the USB flash drive and memory stick mean the same thing. There are quite a few distinctions between the two. However, the most remarkable difference is in the usage of both devices.

A USB flash drive is a highly portable device possessing an integrated USB interface and flash memory. On the other hand, a memory stick is primarily used by handheld devices as a flash memory storage device. Memory sticks are the main storage media for portable devices, while flash drives serve as ultra-portable storage devices.